In-Depth Web Site Analysis

A Comprehensive Blueprint for Improving Your Site

Our In-Depth Site Analysis Report covers the following areas:

Cost for the Total Site Analysis Report is $3000.

Why Invest in a Site Analysis?

A Site Analysis can give you what talented specialists cannot; a big-picture view of the issues that are preventing your site from getting more traffic and more sales. With our report, you can then do the work in-house, hire someone else to complete the work, or retain us to follow through and implement your project.

The Site Analysis Report is great for companies on a budget. We break out the needed work in order of priority so that you can have the work done in phases; the top things on the list should give you the most impact for the least effort and expense.

Site Analysis Reports are very popular- there may be a wait. Typically, the report is available 2-4 weeks from the time you place your request but may take longer. If you are on a deadline, please let us know in the comments section of your quote request.